Saison Dupont cuvée Dry Hopping was first brewed in 2010. In line with the Dupont tradition, this is a top-fermented blond beer, refermented in the bottle. The special feature of this beer, which is produced in limited quantities, is that the hops used for the “dry hopping1” are different every year. The result is a coppery, blond beer, dry and refreshing with sustained bitterness. The Dry Hopping intensifies the fruity notes and gives the beer a perfume of fresh hops. Our selection of yeasts gives the beer very specific aromas and flavours. The genuine bottle refermentation, which may be extended by a long period in your cellar, produces a complex and highly aromatic beer.

1A hopping technique from England
To drink at cellar temperature (12°C) or lightly refrigerated, as an aperitif or with dishes such as mussels, eels in a green herb sauce, asparagus, steamed dishes, grills, etc.
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